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Video: How to Replace the Battery on the Nokia Lumia 920

If you’re needing to replace the battery on your Nokia Lumia 920 and you’re either outside your warranty replacement date or you’d rather not wait for a warranty repair or replacement to arrive, you can take it upon yourself to replace the battery in your Nokia Lumia 920.

Before you start digging into the device, you’ll need:

Torx T2 T4 and T5 Screwdrivers ( you can get it on Amazon )
One small flat blade screwdriver
Plastic Knife
SIM Tray Removal Tool ( the one you got in the Nokia 920 box )
If you need the part like battery, back cover or anything else for that matter check out, they have a dedicated Lumia 920 section. You could even change the colour of your Lumia 920 by using a different case.

See the essential disassemble video guide, which has been posted here previously, after the break.

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