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How to make your own Ringtones for Windows Phone Mango

Well now that Mango is about to be released I think many of you would like to know what are the cool new thing on Windows Phone Mango, we have lined up some of the nice new features and have put them on video so its easy for you guys to go through. Today we are going to take a look at how we can create and transfer ringtones to your Windows Phone.

You will need :

  1. Audacity – Download
  2. Windows Phone
  3. USB Cable to sync your Phone with the PC
  4. PC with Zune
  5. MP3

Now that you got all the thing needed , lets get in to it and create our own ringtone. Key Points to note about the Ringtone

  1. Should be under 1 megabyte (MB) in size
  2. 39 seconds or shorter
  3. Supported Format : MP3 or WMA
  4. Should be DRM free

Here is a step by step break down of what you should do :

  • Step 1 : You need an audio editing software , if you already use something that is fine just use what you are familiar with. I use Audacity, its a great software for editing audio and its open source. Download and install it.
  • Step 2 : Open up audacity and browse to the file that you want to create as your ringtone. Click on the Selection Tool, click and drag on the portion of the clip that you want to convert to a ringtone. Make sure the clip is under 39 seconds
    Audacity Select Ringtone

    Audacity Select Ringtone

  • Step 3 : Click on Edit >> Trim
    Audacity Trim

    Audacity Trim

  • Step 4 : Pick the Time Shift Tool click and drag the sound clip to the left so that the starting point of the clip starts from 0.
    Audacity Timeshift Tool

    Audacity Timeshift Tool

  • Step 5 : Click on File >> Export. Save it as an mp3
    Audacity Export

    Audacity Export

  • Step 6 : Fire up Zune make sure you have connected your device to the PC via the USB cable
  • Step 7 : Make sure the new mp3 you have created shows up in your collection if you just add it to your collection
    Zune Ringtone

    Zune Ringtone

  • Step 8 : Right Click on that track and click edit, under Genre type in Ringtone, click on ok.
    Zune Ringtone 2

    Zune Ringtone 2

  • Step 9 : Right click the track and click on Sync to your-device-name
    Zune Sync

    Zune Sync

  • Step 10 : The new Ringtone should be on your phone

If you have any issues , post it via the comments and if you like this short tutorial plz share it on Facebook / Twitter.

Author: 1800PPC Contributor

This is a test 1800Pocket/PC (1800PPC) account for improving the user experience and also includes articles written by 1800PPC founder and former Editor in Chief Saijo George as well as contributors from 2008 to 2013 such as Yanko Andreev and Cris Rowlands. If you would like to contribute to 1800PPC as a writer, contact Josh Nay

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