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How to install Windows Phone 7 Update

The new Windows Phone 7 Update is just around the corner, if rumors are true it could be as early as Feb 7th. So I guess its time we take a loot at what to expect and how to install the Windows Phone 7 Update. The much needed copy-paste , performance enhancements are expected in this update, at-least those are the stuff we know will be there. I wonder if anyone is toying with the idea Microsoft might surprise us with something like custom ringtones ?

Microsoft has enforced a maximum 20MB/OTA ( over the Air : read with out connecting to Zune PC Software) update size in order to save the data costs and bandwidth, Its highly likely the new update will be over 20 MB and thus the Zune PC Software will do the work. So lets get started and get everything setup so we are all ready to install the update as soon as its released.

1 ) If you don’t already have it installed, go grab the Zune PC software from here and Install it. This software is required to update your phone. Mac users can get the Windows Phone 7 Connector from here

Did you know ? The Zune software can make a backup point that can later be used to restore the phone and application installed on it. The backup can also be used to move to a state prior to the firmware update. This can come in handy for unlockers who wish to roll-back to a previous version. This can be accessed from the Zune PC Software Settings >> Phone >> Update .. once a restore point is created it should come up with the option for you to restore.

2 ) Pair Your Windows Phone 7 with the Zune Software . Having trouble picking a name for your WP7 device?



3 ) Make sure you have turned on updates on you Windows Phone 7 device. Go in to Settings >> System >> Phone Update.

WP7 enable Updates

WP7 enable Updates

4 ) You will be notified when there is an update.

5 ) If the update can’t be installed OTA, then make sure the WP7 device is not connected to the Zone PC Software. Then launch the Zune PC Settings >> Software >> General >> Software Updates >> Check for updates., if you have the latest version of Zune Software you can skip this step.

6 ) Reconnect your Windows Phone 7 to your PC by using the USB cable that was included with your phone, Restart your phone, you should get the notification about the update and the Zune software will guide you through the installation. Do not disconnect your phone during the process. Depending on how much content must be backed up, the update may take a some time.

If you are having some issues try the Support Document from Microsoft here

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