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How to add your own Windows Phone Text Message alert tone

One feature many users wanted once we got the custom ringtones feature in Windows Phone Mango was the ability to add custom SMS tones , there was a way to get this done by a registry edit but now thanks to the effort of Windows Phone developer djfoxer and his app MyRingtone2SMS there is an easy way to get custom ringtones on your Windows Phone. You will need a fully Unlocked device or you can use Windows Phone Root Tools to give the MyRingtone2SMS app Trusted status.

The app allows you to pick all the custom ringtones you add on your windows phone ( click to see our tutorial on how to add custom ringtones ) and make them available on the SMS tone selection menu. You can selctively pick the ones you want to show up , then go in to Settings >> ringtones + sound >> New text or IM and pick the custom tones you want.

NOTE : if your tone goes on for 30 second the sms tone will go on for 30 sec .. so add shorter version of the tones as ringtones to be used as SMS tones

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My one and only gripe with Mango is not being able to set an sms / email tone from my library, So having my Omnia7 device developer unlocked with InterOp unlock I was able to use tools such as ‘WP7-root-tools’ to edit the registry and use my own *.wav files for emails and texts.

For those interested goto ‘HKCUCurrent UserControlPanelSoundsSMSSound’ and change to the file of your choice… I used the key from ‘HKCUCurrent UserControlPanelSoundsAchievementSound’ (WindowsAchievementNotifyPopup.wav) and receive an achievement sound each time I get an SMS…

Even now using Mango you can only change a person’s ringtone or the phones ringtone, nothing else.

What else do you want to change on Windows Phone 7?

You can download the XAP from here.

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