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HERE maps on Windows 10 Mobile works again

A few days ago users on Windows 10 Mobile noticed that HERE maps had received an update that effectively rendered the app useless. Opening the app showed a message to users saying that a newer, better version of HERE maps is available to use. However tapping OK never really took us anywhere and users were left without a usable HERE maps app. HERE had responded then, that this was due to a store bug and recommended users to use the built in maps app in the interim. If you check now for app updates you can see an update for the app and we are happy to report that the app is now working again. There don’t appear to be any changes, but the app is now fully functional.

From the app description:

No matter how you choose to travel, HERE Maps shows you the smartest way across town with fast, offline maps in over 135 countries, so you can find your way even without a data connection. With new collections, you can now group, save and sync your favorites with And with LiveSight, HERE Maps brings the power of sight to your map. Hold up your phone to see floating labels on nearby places through your screen.

Key Features

  • Turn-by-turn walk navigation in 97 countries that works offline
  • LiveSight reveals what’s around you through your camera display
  • Tap public transit stations to quickly reveal a list of available lines
  • Organize your favorites into groups, sync them across your phone and and have these collections at your fingertips
  • Explore shopping malls, transit stations and other venues in 45 countries
  • Switch to HERE Drive or HERE Transit with one tap
  • Discover the top 25 places around you with one tap
  • Pin LiveSight, places, categories and destinations to Start screen for easy access

Get the app from the link below

Developer: ‪HERE Apps LLC‬
Price: unknown

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