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Gameloft releases Age of Sparta on Windows and Windows Phone

Gameloft has released its Age of Sparta strategy game to the Windows and Windows Phone stores. The game includes some ancient greek strategy gameplay based on World at Arms it would seem, with diagonal scrolling attack modes and city based buildings.

Age of Sparta is pretty generic, a carbon copy of World at Arms, just set in a different time so to speak.

Gameloft have posted this on their blog:

“Whether you play as Alexander, Archimedes or Helodora, you need an impressive set of soldiers to back you up – so training, managing and deploying them is all in a day’s work. You can even battle with your friends, conquer rival armies together or join powerful allegiances to climb the leaderboards. Start by planning and designing your unique Greek city and produce what it takes to fuel and fund your battles, even invoke the mighty gods in your fight, for upgraded abilities.”

If strategy games like Age of Empires, or World at Arms then this game will be your cup of tea, available on both Windows and Windows Phone, with free to play with In-App Purchases to top up your armies.

Download Age of Sparta on Windows Phone and Windows by scanning or tapping the QR Code below.

Age of Sparta
Age of Sparta
Developer: ‪Gameloft.‬
Price: unknown
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