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Get ready for battle: March of Empires coming to Windows on August 13

March of Empires is coming to the Windows platform on August 13, 2015 alongside simultaneous releases on Google Play and iTunes.

Publisher Gameloft made the announcement earlier today via an emailed press release. With the new strategy title, you can look forward to the following features:

The Empire Is In Your Hands
● Dispatch armies, construct buildings, conquer territories and make strategic decisions that will reshape the balance of power every day
● Every inch of your empire comes to life with amazingly detailed graphics

Choose Your Faction
● Highland Kings: Knights of honor and piety
● Northern Czars: Cunning on and off the battlefield
● Desert Sultans: Passionate defenders of knowledge

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Relish In Territorial Conquests
● Invade territory to watch your influence grow daily
● Unlock special bonuses as more lands fall under your banner
● Fortify your land to ward off enemies

Build A Thriving Nation
● Build regional structures that you and your allies can benefit from
● Establish thriving Trade Centers, sacred Temples, secure Stockpiles and much more

Engage In Tactical Battles
● Choose your battle formation carefully! Cunning tactics are more powerful than mere numbers
● Time your actions wisely to take advantage of the ever-changing seasons

Join Massive Alliance Warfare
● The alliance management system makes it easy to organize with allies
● Engage in tense diplomacy with other alliances. There’s almost as much to gain from  helping as there is from betraying…
● Chat with players whenever you have a minute to spare

Want to know more? Check out the developer diary above. Are you going to be getting this game?

Josh Robert Nay

Author: Josh Robert Nay

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