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A Plethora of Updates for Game Troopers Windows Games, Plus a New Title Coming Soon

Game Troopers is on a roll. The publisher is arguably one of the most supportive developers the modern Windows platform has ever seen, with games like Overkill 3, What in the World, and Make it Rain being released over the last few months and also getting quite a few updates between that time and now.

Speaking of updates, Game Troopers sent 1800Pocket/PC a list of recent changes and updates to all their games, as well as some upcoming things they have planned, a list which we’ve published in its entrety below. Some of the updates we’ve previously covered on the website and have included inks to these where applicable.

These updates, of course, are in addition to the news that Tiny Troopers 2 was released just a couple of days ago and The Last Door is coming to Windows Phone.

What in the World
Minor update just released today with small bug fixes, and will be available in the next few hours. You should experience less annoying ads and review requests among other improvements.

Overkill 3
Got a big update this week (covered here). We hope it will get another update early next week with some minor UI improvements. It has already been sent for certification.

Lines the game
Minor update just released today. Contains a bug fix associated to the tutorial of the Mixed Mode.

The game has reached testing phase and might be sent for certification next week. This will be a paid title priced at 2.99€ and will support 512MB RAM devices. We have put a lot of love and efforts on this title, and will be very different, and hopefully much better than the game you can find on Wii U, so it will be pretty exclusive, because you won’t find this content on iOS and Android, ever. We don’t have release date yet, since next paid title to be launched will be The Last Door.

Make it Rain
This is one of my favourite games, since we originally developed it at Plunge Interactive along with Space Inch. We put all our passion on it. So we love it so much and we are working on another big update. Keep in mind that we treat Windows Phone with love, and it’s getting new content ahead of iOS and Android several times, such as the cloud save features.

Game Troopers also dropped some news on an upcoming RPG title:

We have just signed a deal for a great 3D title that will amaze our fans. The developer has immediately started to work on the port, but it’s a big project and will not be available before summer. We won’t reveal the name of the game until the development is more advanced, but we can advance that we are talking about an RPG title.

While we continue to wait for more information regarding the new RPG, you can download all of the Game Troopers new updates via the QR codes below.

Josh Robert Nay

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