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Game of Thrones Windows Phone Wallpapers

Full size wallpapers are here, we just cropped em up so it fits on to the WVGA Windows Phone devices. More Game of Thrones wallpapers coming soon :)

Update 04/11/2011

Today we are adding some new minimalist set of wallpapers for the 7 houses in Westeros , these designs were created by liquidsouldesign on Flickr, as usual we have converted these to 480×800 so they will look great on your Windows Phone.

Update 08/12/2011

We got more more of liquidsouldesign‘s Game of Thrones wallpapers , this set focus on the major houses and shows their sigil and motto. These wallpapers have a black bar set aside on top to show the various notification icons. We will be adding the other houses over time ( if you guys have any request for which ones to go first , feel free to let us know via the comments )

Update 19/03/2012

today we will share some more Game of Thrones wallpapers , these are custom artwork by the following folks manarama, creasdoutliner, 06ilker, jamga, missqueenmob, dr-salvador

Update 22/04/2012

Today we are going to share some cute Game of thrones House Sigils designed by, you can buy these in print from his store over at society6

Update 16/08/2012 : Here are some more amazing GOT wallpapers for windows phone, these illustrations are from DalisaAnja

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Update 01/06/2015
Wallpapers no longer available at this location. Check out our community for the latest Windows wallpapers and post your own!

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