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Flac Player : play Flac music files on Windows Phone

Want to play all those Flac music files you have on your Windows Phone, thanks to Flac Player, it’s possible. Now some of you might be going ..ummmm what the bloody hell is a flac file ? FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec .. I can sense that some of you are still scratching your head so here is the the long version. It’s an audio container that allows digital audio to be losslessly compressed ( quality is not sacrificed ). Typically you could get compressions up to 50–60%. Lets not go in to the the question of why Microsoft decided not to support Flac format on Windows Phone. If you have an answer for that , let us know via the comments. Back to the app at hand Flac Player an app that lets you play Flac music files on Windows Phone…. BUT

I am messing with you there is no ifs and buts , the free app lets you download FLAC music files from SkyDrive and lets you play them on Windows Phone, with the lack of an expandable storage card this might be a good way to save up some space on your phone ( if you are running out of it ). From the looka of it you will have a dark and lite theme and will respect the accent color that you choose on windows phone. So till Microsoft decides otherwise here is your solution to play Flac files on Windows Phone.

Flac Player Screenshots

Flac Player is a FREE app for Windows Phone, according to the developer the app should be fine on both Windows Phone 8 and 7.5

Flac Player XAP Download

Click here.

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