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FingerKeyboard2 2.1- finger friendly keyboard on windows mobile



After the great success of version 1, Rozenthal from xda-developers has released version 2.1 of FingerKeyboard2, a finger friendly pocket pc freeware keyboard.


  • IF YOU HAVE OLDER VERSIONS OF FINGERKEYBOARD, PLEASE UNINSTALL THEM BEFORE INSTALLING V2.1! After removing old version, please restart the device and remove FingerKeyb folder before proceeding!
  • Run the attached .cab file (recommend you install to device memory).
  • The keyboard will install into /Program files/FingerKeyb. There is also a link to Configuration tool in the Start > Programs.
  • After installation, a Configuration utility will open. Here you can customize the layouts, choose color schemes and configure various options of FingerKeyboard2.
  • Click on OK and softreset the device.
  • Open up your standard keyboard (in SMS for example), click on the small arrow next to the middle keyboard icon and go to “Other input options”.
  • FingerKeyb should be listed there, select it and you’re good to go!
  • If you wish to set FingerKeyb as default keyboard, even after restart of your device, use SIP change application. Remember to set the time-delay to 40-50 seconds!


Go into Settings > System > Remove programs. It is listed as “Exidler’s FingerKeyboard”.


Created and programmed by Exidler
Designed by Rozenthal
Main tester ChrisCross

The Developer wishes to thanks (in no special order): Berkut_G, utak3r, GoldCoin, Cerato, Schreda, Panosha, JBouRas, SBS, BadCluster, Taiseer999, Borchert, Hanackin, Iligcons, Allbercik, Ombre.px, Nvidia32, derfler, ilovepunani, elite-fusion, RoozbehDream, Giannis86, parasite81, bugsykoosh, Reefhunter49, Chompy18

Check the FAQ if you are having issues : Click Me

Developers Site

FingerKeyboard2 v2.1 QVGA by utak3er
FingerKeyboard2 v2.1 WQVGA
FingerKeyboard2 v2.1.1 VGA by giannis86
FingerKeyboard2 v2.1 VGA with Arrows by giannis86
FingerKeyboard2 v2.1 WVGA


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  1. Great Keyboard! I had been using Conflippers EZ keyboard based on the Diamond2, but when I saw this one i knew it was going to be good. All the features I want and it is about 1/8th the install size of my previous keyboard. Thanks XDA

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  2. Very nice Keyboard. That was what i’m waiting for. Many Thanks to the Developers. Great Job.

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  3. Does this release support T9?????

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  4. Does it support Samsung Omnia and if yes which version should I download?

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  5. Awesome Keyboard….better than stock ones on my Htc Diamond..Very responsive & good loooking !!

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  6. Que tal.
    este teclado sirve para el scihpone i68++


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  7. I have a Samsung Omnia i910. I downloaded VGA with arrows, seemed like it was going to work. The keyboard icon had changed. It said error and then a message popped up saying something about skins and screen resolution. It then froze up so I turned my device off and now it won't come back on. What happened? Please help.

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    • You've got a WQVGA phone, dumbass.

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  8. OK. Got it working again. Tried the QVGA, and it says the same thing about screen resolution for Skins. If you have a Samsung Omnia, doubt it will work, cause my brother's, and my friend's will not work as well. However, if there is something else besides adobe 7 flash I need (cause I already have it for something else) just let me know and I'll try it.

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  9. Awesome keyboard a lot better than any of the others ive used the customization is awesome Thanks

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  10. When it release for 320×320 screen? I hope it will be soon.. : )

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  11. pls can any1 help me! i dont know hot to install it!!!:(

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    • here’s how i installed mine: 1. download the file to your computer. 2. using windows sync software appropriate for your windows version, transfer the downloaded file to the phone. place the file in the /program files/ subdirectory. 3. on your phone, go to: file explorer/programfiles/ , then click on the file. it will then install itself on the phone. hope this helps!

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  12. Nice Job. works great on omnia i910

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