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FingerKeyboard 2 – finger friendly keyboard on windows mobile

FingerKeyboard v2 is a great new Windows Mobile keyboard for WVGA and WQVGA ( limited support for VGA ) screen devices these are bought to you by 2 greats @ xda-developers Rozenthal and exidler.

Features :
– one of the most (if not the most) touch screen finger-friendly keyboards out there
– great looking
– supports both portrait and landscape modes
– supports WVGA & WQVGA (limited VGA support, read post #2)
– supports different language layouts
– has a numeric layout for fast typing of numbers
– supports selectable color schemes
– supports Windows Mobile Contact name suggestions
– supports Windows Mobile Word suggestions (DOES NOT SUPPORT T9!)
– has excellent layout of buttons in both portrait and landscape
– many cool functions: text selection, cut+copy+paste, home, end, single word deletion, single line deletion, whole text deletion etc.
– preset emoticons for fast typing of smile-faces
– preset web browsing shortcuts for fast typing of web and e-mail addresses
– highly customizable (requires editing txt files, tough)
– supports click sounds when typing
– has a configuration utility that allows selecting lanuages and color schemes
– now comes in a .cab file for easier installation

Install Instructions:

IF YOU HAVE OLDER VERSIONS OF FINGERKEYBOARD, PLEASE UNREGISTER THEM BEFORE INSTALLING V2! If you need to unregister and don’t know how to do it, check THIS post.
after unregistering you have to soft-reset the device. Then you can proceed with installing FingerKeyb2.
– Run the attached .cab file (recommend you install to device memory)
– The keyboard will install into /Program files/FingerKeyb. There is also a link to Configuration tool in the Start > Programs.
– After installation, a Config window will open. Select language layouts you wish to use, and select a color scheme (both can be changed later)
– Select SMS name and WinMo word suggestion options in the second tab
– Click on OK and softreset the device
– Open up your standard keyboard (in SMS for example), click on the small arrow next to the middle keyboard icon and go to “Other input options”
– FingerKeyb should be listed there, select it and you’re good to go

See FAQ page for more info

Developers Site

FingerKeyboard 2 WQVGA

FingerKeyboard 2 WVGA

FingerKeyboard 2 VGA

Special Instruction only for VGA : Install FingerKeyboard2 WVGA normally, then overwrite these files to FingerKeyboard skins folder. Support for skins other then BlackEd and BlueEd is not included.

Update :
version now available : FingerKeyboard 2 QVGA

Optional Installs

Disable XT9 Input or

This will disable XT9 input globally, across the whole system. Installing this means that XT9 will NOT work on any keyboards you have on your WinMo system.

Compact Portrait WQVGA or Compact Portrait WVGA

These are default portrait layouts with just one different feature: they have smaller row space in portrait mode. For users who are used to touch screens, this will be a nice feature, because it will free up some screen space (the keyboard screen size is smaller, and thus it will allow approximately 1 more row of text to show up in SMS for example). But for people who are not really used to touching tiny things on a plastic screen, or have bigger fingers, it might be easier and more precise to type with default larger row space. To install this, just overwrite the old portrait skin txt files, found in Program Files/FingerKeyb folder, with the attached txt files.

Author: 1800PPC Contributor

This is a test 1800Pocket/PC (1800PPC) account for improving the user experience and also includes articles written by 1800PPC founder and former Editor in Chief Saijo George as well as contributors from 2008 to 2013 such as Yanko Andreev and Cris Rowlands. If you would like to contribute to 1800PPC as a writer, contact Josh Nay

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  1. cant get it to work on my HTC Touch HD, installs fine, but then when i go into a message, the keyboard just doesnt appear…
    can anyone help?

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  2. how can u get the activation key?

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  3. HI!

    What about WinMo 6.5, does this keyboard supports it?

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  4. sir i have a question i have an HTC touch HD and when i try do install the finger keyboard application the keyboard wont appear to my phone… its not working, is there any special process for my phone?? thank you

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    • the install instruction is the same as posted in the post. I am not sure if there are some special settings for the HTC HD

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  5. I want to install this keyboard to an htc mini hd, will it work on it?

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