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Fenice for Twitter

While Tweetium is one of the more high profile Windows Twitter apps, Fenice for Twitter is another client that has been around for a while. The new Windows 10 universal app is well designed and fully featured with support for multiple twitter accounts.

From the app’s description

Fenice is a full-featured Twitter client that’s fast and fluid and has been redesigned from the ground up for Windows 10. The new version comes with many new exclusive features available only in Fenice. Buy it once and run it on all your Windows devices!

Top Features

  • Interactive notifications: reply, add to favorites or retweet a mention without even launch the app! Works for direct messages too!
  • What You See Is What You Get when composing a tweet – Predictive HashTag suggestions
  • Text Snippets – Pin the Tweet Page to start to quicly tweet without opening the full app
  • Memes are everywhere. Add them to your tweets from the app
  • Add tweets to your Pocket or Instapaper account
  • No internet connection but with a good tweet in mind? Send it anyway even without connection and we’ll tweet it as soon as you get connected again!
  • Streaming! Youdon’t need to refresh to see new tweets, Fenice will show new tweets automagically!
  • Listen to SoundCloud music from tweets without leaving the app
  • Create and manage your lists
  • Powerful filters: mute hashtags, Clients and Users
  • Create and manage drafts And many more!

The app runs for $1.99 but a free trial is available, that let’s you test the app for a day

Get the app from the link below

Fenice for Twitter 4
Fenice for Twitter 4
Developer: ‪Winuser‬
Price: $2.29+

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