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F1 Wallpapers for Windows Phone are now available to smartphone users

This was a request that was sent to us a while back , but it was hard to find some good images to be used as wallpapers when it comes to Formula 1 Racing. But finally we have some that you guys might enjoy. As usual they will be a perfect fit on any Windows Phone ( WVGA devices, the only kind that exist at the time of posting this ) so without further ado here they are

These were created by humanfish from avforums, if you want more wallpapers for windows phone devices you know where to look, if you are using our app, these should come up in the wallpaper section

Update 01/07/2012 : Today we will be sharing some Formula One Constructors Wallpapers , you will find all the 12 teams from 2012 in here initially. We will start off with 6 and expand to add more eventually . So we will start off with Caterham, Ferrari, Force India, HRT, Lotus, Marussia.

Since Windows Phone 8 was announced and we know what resolution they will be packing , we will start to add wallpapers for Windows Phone 8 as well. This way when you get WP8 you know where to go to get your wallpaper fix.

1280×768 WXGA Wallpapers

1280×720 Wallpapers


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