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Exclusive Viber for Nokia Lumia with HD Calling is now Available for Download

Here is another exclusive app which currently hit the Nokia shelves for their Lumia range. Viber along with Nokia has released Viber v2.2 exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices. Viber is now out of beta and now offers HD calling along with free messaging and photo sharing to other Viber users.

At the time of writing this post the new Viber app is still not showing up in Nokia Collections in US. But you can download it on your phone using the QR code below with Bing vision.

Viber v2.2

Viber v2.2

App description:

Viber lets you communicate with other Viber users, wherever they are, whatever devices they use, and for free!
Viber offers free Calls and instant messaging between you and your Viber friends.
Viber integrates seamlessly with your phone and identifies your contacts who already have Viber, so you can start communicating right away. With Viber there is no importing contacts, searching for usernames and sending out invitations. Just select a contact and connect freely!

1. Talk to anyone else on Viber, anywhere in the world, for free!
2. Free text and photo messages with location-sharing
3. No registration, passwords or invitations required
4. Native look & feel – designed according to the Metro UI making it feel like home!

Viber is a FREE app for Windows Phone.

Scan the barcode near the logo using Bing vision and launch the app directly on your Windows Phone.

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