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Everquotes brings beautiful quotes exclusively to Windows 10

Freeman Technologies the publisher who recently brought to us the game iBasket which was a port from other platforms, has released a new app exclusively for Windows 10. This is a universal app for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. We tried out both versions of the app. The app is simple and well designed with a focus on the quotes themselves. The quote text appears as an overlay on a background with a photo of the author on the background which is a very neat touch. The best part of the app though is the ability to search for famous quotes by either the author or the primary keywords of the quote. So for example if you wanted to search for quotes related to life you can start by typing life into the search box and you will instantly see a list of quotes by different authors show up. Being a universal app it works the same way on the phone, except that we found some issues with the layouts for quotes with a longer amount of text. Overall for lovers of quotes this is a great app to have on Windows.

Screenshot: "Explore Amazing Quotes From The Most Famous People Of All Time!"

Screenshot: "Search for your favourite quotes"

From the app store description

With over thousands of famous quotes, the everquotes app lets you explore the best known quotes of all time. The everquotes app lets you download the quote saved via picture and it can be share through Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest & the ability to search for any famous quotes exclusive to Windows 10 platform.

Get the app from the link below

Developer: ‪Scalefield‬
Price: unknown

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