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EuroTech Solutions releases a new Multi OS Newsreader to the Windows Phone store

WinCentralHub is a brand new app from EuroTech Solutions, It’s a new RSS Newsreader that is aimed at a multi-os generation that may have more than one device, or for those wishing to keep upto date with the latest news and reviews from across the web.

If your into keeping upto date with the latest news about any OS, iOS, Android, Windows PC or Windows Phone, or even wearable devices as they become more mainstream then this app is going to be appealing to you, there is no need to switch websites on your browser, just open the app and select the OS that you want to read news about, from the four icons that are well placed at the top or by swiping interactions on the screen.

There are a few nice features in this newsreader, you can filter the content to individual web sites, such as or our friends over at Windows Central and the associated Mobile Nations group of sites including iMore and Android Central.

Readability mode is supported in each article, which strips the content from the site and gives you a plain-jane view of the article, this is handy if you are browsing using cellular data on the move, however by default when the article opens its limited to what looks like the first part of the article and there is a swipe logo showing further interactions are available, I would have preferred the hamburger menu looking forward to Windows 10, or the three dots of Windows Phone 7 & 8 to show the hidden menu, I felt the swipe didn’t perform as well as expected with hit’n’miss results, As this is version it hasn’t had any feedback at all so I would hope that you give us feedback in the comments, the developer is likely to read it and your comments could improve this great app become a better resource for us tech heads to absorb.

My final thoughts on WinCentralHub, ignoring the name, I am sure I will be using this app on a daily basis, as I have friends over at Windows Central so I won’t dwell on this part too much. The app does what I need from a newsreader app, it gives you a glimpse of the latest articles from over 25 different web blogs, without the need of opening your browser or shortcuts to frequented sites, however there was no way to add rss feeds or shortcuts to your own frequented blog sites that are no doubt compatible with the app.

Leave us comments of your frequented sites, I personally like reading the Lumia Conversations on Microsoft’s website when I check out the web, I would hope in future updates we get to see more content from all over the spectrum, meaning you can keep upto date with everything tech based, on your Windows Phone.

To download just tap or scan the QR Code as usual.

Gary Jones

Author: Gary Jones

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