Esmertec Jbed 20080912.5.1 – Java Midlet Manager



Esmertec’s Jbed CDC allows you to run your enterprise Java applications directly onto your Windows Mobile Pocket PC device. Jbed CDC is J2ME CDC Personal Profile 1.0 compatible and designed to work with most Pocket PC devices.

-Recognized high performance
-Minimal footprint
-Field-proven scalability
-Comprehensive set of JSRs
-Operator and third-party extensions
-Flexible architecture and easy customizations across various platforms

Developers Site

I think its VGA only
Update 21/02/09 : Esmertec AG has asked us to remove this app from our server , it was bought to our attention that this is not a software that can be freely distributed

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  • salam

  • michael

    hello, just installed JBED on my windows mobile 5 (QTEK9100), the installation shows a success message, but the app is nowhere to be found. Neither in Start -> Programas, nor in /ProgramFiles
    Where should I find it?


  • peter


  • santosh


  • Great, hope so it will works with my Universal :)

  • abd aljwad

    thank you for help

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  • shekhar123

    thanx for help

  • shekhar123

    where is download link

  • manice

    download link

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    My phone want to be the best

  • Mohammad

    How can I Download this software ?