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Download Windows Phone 7 Cracked Apps for Free

If you saw the tile and came here to download Windows Phone 7 Cracked Apps, do I have a surprise for you.. we will not be showing you how its done. On the other hand if you saw the title and clicked on the link to give me a piece of your mind, just read through the article before you head over to the comments section.

The guys from WPC recently posted a video of an app called FreeMarketplace that allows users to download and install any app from the Marketplace for free. Piracy is a major problem for any developer. iPhone and Android applications are often cracked and distributed online. Windows Phone 7 is a relatively new OS and so there have been no issue with piracy till now. The Windows Phone 7 FreeMarketplace apps makes it too easy for a pirate to crack applications on a Windows Phone 7 device and even distribute it. Microsoft has been advised on the issue, lets hope they release a fix for it. BTW if you are wondering the Tool is not available for download and was created to advise Microsoft of the existing issue.

We know the tile was a misleading, we just couldn’t resist the temptation to see what kind of response it generated :), rest assured we will not promote any app piracy on 1800PocketPC

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