Download and Install WM App Store ( Marketplace ) to your WM 6, 6.1 or 6.5 device

Just got the Marketplace cab and ran it on WM6.1 emulator and I was in the app store. Dont know if Microsoft will kill it. so made a video of it check it out. Download the cab after the jump.

All thanks to drellisdee from xda for the cab.

UPDATE 10/10/09 : New version of cab available which supports , the apps to be installed on to the StorageCard :

UPDATE 09/26/14 :Cab no longer available. Check out the latest Windows Phone news on our new Windows Phone page.

Author: 1800PPC Contributor

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  • Novaglarion

    Works on stock HTC TP2 (Verizon), dowloads and all, thank you!

    • jeff

      works on my stock HTC TP2 (sprint) very neat !!!

      • trank2007

        what did you have to do to download it onto your phone?

        • jeff

          open this page with your phone and there is a green tab about halfway down the page, and save it to your phone, then find the cab file on your phone and click on it and it will install.

  • Name

    Works on Omnia with a custom 6.5 ROM

  • Pat Yeung

    It can only installed the app on internal memory although the app can install at storage call if we download the .cab file from the other source….!!

  • Pogodef

    not workin on german xperia x1 stockrom

  • samuel

    i installed the cab file but when i’m opening WM Marketplace from program nothing happends, help plz!?

  • Ge

    It doesnt works on a PocketPC…

  • dino

    works on my xperia x1 WM6.1

  • i love marketplace

  • asif

    bt its shows that pdate your date nd time…. nd i hav updated dat… bt it still shows that…….. can you tell me how can i fix this problem……..

  • asif

    bt its shows that update your date nd time…. nd i hav updated dat… bt it still shows that…….. can you tell me how can i fix this problem……..

  • theo

    i cant access market place on my htc touch pro 2 bcos it cant connect to the internet. i need help, please

  • theo, Marketplace for wm 6.x has been closed by Microsoft. You can’t connect it again so use other marketplace from website.

    • Jason

      “The other marketplace from website”, the website is referring to???

  • Ravinder singh

    not working my htc touch 2

  • Roberta Mazzini

    Marketplace for windows mobile 6 has been closed.

    Here i have found good apps

  • Nukeanvil

    Wheres the link?

  • Nukeanvil

    Wheres the link?