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dotcompt presents Deepshining v7 custom rom for HTC

We received a tip from ‘dotcompt‘ telling us of the latest homebrew custom rom for the HTC HD7, It offers 8107 os with DeepShining Marketplace to obtain and update your Homebrew apps.

Prerequisites :

1. If you have MANGO with SPL 4.xx or 5.xx in your device, flash a NODO Rom first to downgrade SPL otherwise you´ll brick it.
2. You must have RSPL/HSPL installed in your device.
3. Before doing any operations be sure you have battery level more than 50%!
4. Download and flash DeepShining ROM.

Warranty Issues
Be warned, using RSPL may void your warranty. (dont say we didn’t warn you)
If you need to send your device to a Repair Centre, make sure that it looks like stock! Install stock official ROM before go to Repair Centre.

The Custom rom’s Details & Features are :

  • Based on Shipped Mango ROM HTC Europe build 7.10.8107.79
  • Advised Radio
  • Full Unlocked
  • XAPInstall
  • Internet Sharing with Static MAC
  • XboxLive games fully working
  • IE9 – Google translator and Mobile View added to IE9 Settings
  • 1st Worldwide ROM with 13 Themes and 9 Lockscreen Custom Wallpapers
  • 19 Accents including Black Nokia and Jill Sander´s.
  • VS2010 debugging
  • XBmod Certificates
  • Unlock Hidden option in ease of access settings
  • Some minor reg Tweaks
  • Transparent Wallpapers
  • OEM apps from HTC Omega like HTC Hub, Notes, Attentive phone, HTC Location and HTC Connected Media
  • Deepshining Marketplace
  • Release v7 Change log: 16-Jan Deepshining Mango 8107 v7 details:

  • All 8107 languages
  • Deepshining Marketplace
  • SMS Backup tools discovered by Thunder_. Can you believe it?
  • Skydrive
  • Some minor registry changes
  • added some sound files
  • removed some apps
  • If you want to try the custom rom on your HTC HD7 check out the XDA-Devs link below for full install instructions

    Source : XDA-Devs (thanks for the tip dotcompt)

    UPDATE Saijo George
    We made an error in reporting this post as DFT Teams work, while it was infact dotcompt‘s work

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