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cleanRAM 1.5.8 – release memory from your Windows Mobile device

cleanRam 1.5.8

cleanRam 1.5.8

HTC Addicts’ cleanRAM releases valuable program memory that’s no longer being used. Like Oxios, but with advanced settings, it helps you cut down on time spent restarting your device by freeing up wasted memory. Freeing up RAM will also keep devices with limited RAM from locking up so much, which increases productivity.

Note: use at your own risk and visit the developer’s forum for support.


– Show RAM Status Notification – in the end of the clean-up process, cleanRAM will show you a memory status.
– Show Progress Bar – progress bar helping you to see the real time progress of clean-up.
– Show Windows Wait Cursor – enable/disable regular windows wait cursor.
– Clear Recent Start Menu Iteams – erase all your history applications list from start menu.
– Notify Me Before CleanUp – popup message that warn you before cleanRAM begin (10 seconds) this feature includes “Abort” button for aborting the current clean-up.
– Wake Up Device Before CleanUp – turn on the device screen when clean-up started on schedule mode (this feature can save you a life battery on OFF mode).
– Hibernate – this feature will try to reclaim all memory that is inaccessible. force the system to try to reclaim the maximum amount of available memory. recommended for old devices / Operating Systems! (click here to learn more about it)
– Close All Applications – force closing all applications by sending WM_CLOSE messages when clean-up beginning (working with level 1,2 and 3 only).
– Launch Startup Programs – execute after clean-up all startup programs (if you like, you can also use registry editor to change the startup folder location value).

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Author: elisehensman

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  1. just to report that this is a fake link !!! check the post at XDA

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    • Thanks, a member at XDA tried passing the work off as his. I corrected the XDA support forum link. The developer’s page (translated from Hebrew) to is correct though. Cheers.

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  2. How is it fake. It's a google tranlsated page of, and you'll find that link on the xda thread.

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