Change User Agent on Opera Mobile 9.5

I came across an interesting post on , it tells us how to change the user agent on Opera Mobile 9.5

In the address bar, type in

scroll down on the page to item User Agent and click on it.
It says Spoof user agent ID

1 is Opera Mobile 9.5
2 is Firefox
3 is desktop IE 6

Save , and you are done


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  • Jon

    I have having some troubles getting Google to recognize Opera 9.51 Beta on my WM6 as being a mobile browser. Consequently, it was displaying gmail and the other assorted Google sites in their full desktop equivalent. After digging around, I found the following to alleviate the issue until Google updates their definition of mobile browsers to include this one.

    In opera:config, User Perfs there is a setting called “Custom User-Agent”.

    Sure to and pick a string that is appropriate for your phone. I have an ATT 8525 so I chose “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows CE; PPC; 240×320)”. Given that I am emulating PocketIE, I don’t know that this was a good choice, but it is working and displaying the mobile version of Google pages now.

  • Thanks for the tip Jon. I am assuming Opera 9.5 does that coz Opera Mobile 9.5 is based on the same browser engine as Opera 9.5 for desktop

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