CEntrilo – Ventrilo voice system client for pocket pc



CEntrilo is a Windows Mobile client for the Ventrilo voice system.

– channel browsing / jumping
– setting / reading comments
– speaking with others
– setting server:port, username and password
– you can get mfcce400.dll below also
– voice recorder button as PushToTalk key if “trigger level” is set to ‘0′
– just click on the empty(!!) PTT textbox and press the key you want to be assigned as PTT key

Developers Site


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  • DamnThe mutha


  • UFgunnerUF

    will this work on a palm centro

  • nerdraaaaage

    Okk so how do I download it, I’m on windows 7 phone now and I see no app download link..?

    • Sorry this was released for Windows Mobile in 2009 :( , it will not work on WP7

  • brandon

    So when will there be a new ventrilo that is compatible with the windows 7 phone.

    • John Teeter

      I am a traveler from 2 years in the future and it still doesn’t work.