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Cab Installation for XPERIA X1 Panels on Touch HD

XPERIA X1 Panels on Touch HD

XPERIA X1 Panels on Touch HD

Windows Mobile guru Paul from MoDaCo has just put up a cab installation to get the XPERIA X1 Panels on the Touch HD. ( be aware this will most like not work on any resolution other than WVGA ).

What’s works
– It works almost completely
– Performance of the actual panels is great

What’s not working ( not yet @least)
– No ‘Panels’ button the HD but you do get a Panels icon on the start menu
– It takes a few seconds for the panel select app to open
– The FM Radio and Media Xperience panels don’t work properly on the HD
– The TouchFlo 3D plugin has to be disabled or pressing the home key returns you to TF3D

What’s coming up in future versions
– Speed boost!
– Option to map to hardware button
Requests? ( let Paul know about it )

Install Instructions
– Disable TF3D from Start -> Settings -> Today -> Items
– Install main CAB from below
– Run Panels from the start menu to choose panel
– Optionally install additional panels: get em here

Developers Site          Download CAB


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  1. Hey. Nice work:)
    Just one thing. Do I have to erase the touchflo 3d interface to make this xperia panels work? Its nice to the have xperia panels ofcourse, but its importent for me to get easely back to my touchflo 3d interface aswell……

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  2. Hi

    you dont have to uninstall touchflo 3d but just disable it from the today screen. you can always go back and enable it., but you cant have both on the today screen @ the same time

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  3. its not working on TOUCH PRO !!!!!!!! whyyyyyyy???? ::(((((

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  4. thank’s bro, it’s work great on my touch hd, I hope you improve again…
    and thank’s again you make my dream come true…

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  5. i cant install in my touch HD. i disabled the touch flo 3d but installation is not done

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  6. can i install on my tytn 2?

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  7. thank you sooo much! it works like charm in my HD!!!even with the TF3D on!

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  8. hi, installed fine, but seems impossible to add more panels – so I have just 4 and have none for internet, email, text, contacts etc – am I missing something? It is nowhere near as useful as Touchflo… Trying to lift more panels from the website link brings up a dead Sony web-page. Back to Touchflo for me!

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  9. i had downloaded touchflo 3d, but can’t understand how toinstall in my mobile xperia x1,can anybody help me.

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