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Arcsoft MMS

Arcsoft MMS is an MMS composer that integrates into the sms option in Windows Mobile.

Arcsoft MMS

ArcSoft MMS Composer™ offers multimedia message viewing, composing, managing, sending, and receiving for handheld devices. It features:

* Support for MMS service and functional model defined by 3GPP R5
* Compliance with OMA MMS 1.2 feature set and partial OMA MMS 1.3 features
* Support for both HTTP and WAP-based MMS transportation
* Synchronized rendering of SMIL-based MMS or plain MMS with various URIs (telephone number, email address, URL, etc.)
* WYSIWYG templates for user creation of photo MMS, voice MMS, video MMS, long text MMS, or generic multiple slides MMS
* Support for world wide text type, including western languages and pictographic text
* Support for OMA Digital Rights Management
* Integration with other system applications such as
* Camera, Calendar, Address Book, Phone, Browser, Call History, Email, SMS, etc. Support for UAProf and OTA provisioning

ArcSoft MMS Composer™ provides message creation using photos, videos, sound files, animation, and added text. We support a wide range of popular file types in our MMS solution:

* Audio: AMR, AMR-WB, QCELP, SP-MIDI, AAC, HE AAC, HE AAC v2, WAV (a-law, u-law, IMA-ADPCM)
* Image: JPEG, GIF87a, GIF89a, WBMP, BMP, PNG
* Video: H.263 baseline and MPEG-4 Simple Profile wrapped in video format such as MP4, 3GP, 3G2
* Vector-based graphics: SVGT 1.1

Source :

Arcsoft MMS v5.0.31.7

Author: 1800PPC Contributor

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  1. is this a trial version??

    Saijo George : No , its the full version. I am not sure which ROM it was ripped from though.

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  2. Is this compatible with the HTC Touch Diamond?

    Saijo George : I am not sure if it will show up properly on a VGA screen.

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  3. Is this compatible with HTC Touch ?

    If I remove this version WM 6.0 will return to old version ?

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  4. Has anyone verified this works? How Do I install it?

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  5. i tried this and after restart i checked the sms and it was there.
    only problem is i got tmobile with the settings that the tmobile gave me and it still mms do not work only text.

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