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Windows Developers can now move apps between Developer Accounts

One problem we were having here at 1800PocketPC is the app was developed by me (Cris Rowlands) and put in my name under my developer account, but the site is owned & ran by Saijo. This means that to get any information about download progress, Saijo would have to go via me.

We have had an official 1800PocketPC Windows Phone developer account for quite a while now, but no way to get our app from one account to another without having to go through this:

1 – Upload new app to developer account.
2 – Update app on personal account, informing users of the change.
3 – Eventually remove app from personal account.

This would lose all the reviews, ratings & links to users expecting updates.
Ultimately, it would be irritating for all parties involved.

There is now hope!

If you are in a situation where you need to move an app between accounts, you can send Microsoft‘s Support staff an email/ticket asking them to do this. They will then respond asking for some information:

A – Your developer email address.
B – Your developer ID.
C – The name of the app you want to move.
D – The ID of the app you want to move.
E – The email of the account you want to move it to.
F – The ID of the account you want to move it to.

They will then “escalate your request for further review for approval”.
It then only took a couple of days after that before the app suddenly vanished from my account. I searched the marketplace & it appeared as if it had always been available from the 1800PocketPC account.

The ifs, buts & maybes.

There are downsides. Something it said in one of the emails was they cannot account for a number of things.

They cannot move apps that contain “Microsoft Push Notifications” or “In-App products”. The new account will only receive a payout for any sales after the apps migration to the new account is complete & if the apps you are moving cost money, the account you are moving them to need to already have their tax profile set up.

And that’s the lot. You send them an email with the info & they will change it for you, simple :)
Would be nice to get an email saying “we have now moved your app”, but we can’t have everything.

Author: 1800PPC Contributor

This is a test 1800Pocket/PC (1800PPC) account for improving the user experience and also includes articles written by 1800PPC founder and former Editor in Chief Saijo George as well as contributors from 2008 to 2013 such as Yanko Andreev and Cris Rowlands. If you would like to contribute to 1800PPC as a writer, contact Josh Nay

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