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Amazon Apps: the rewarding app store

With Android and IOS controlling the smart phone app market it’s easy to forget there’s another player in the market. Amazon may not have quite as large a library of apps as the Google Play and IOS app stores, but it does offer a generous discount and reward program.

Ease of use 5/5

With a basic setup that mirrors the Amazon shopping website, finding apps is an easy prospect. It is also extremely simple to participate in Amazon’s coin program which provides free and discounted credit for use in any app that will work. Better yet, at least on an Android phone you can use the Amazon App store and then bounce right back to using the Google play store for those apps that you can’t find there.

Fairness/cost 5/5

Apps are priced similarly to the other app stores, and if you purchase coins(100 coins $1 of app or in-app purchases through the Amazon app store) in bulk for anywhere from a 5% to 20% discount. Particularly if you’re looking to make a big in-app purchase, there’s no reason to not take advantage of the program.

Time consumption 5/5

Minimal time is used—no more than you would spend on a regular app store. Better yet, every 24 hours—at any time—you can collect a present from Amazon, which holds typically 2-3 coins with a small chance of getting more. Essentially free app credit for opening the app.

Rewards 4/5

Given the very minimal time investment the rewards are nice—nothing like snagging Ticket To Ride First Journey and Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic just by logging into an app once a day(and if a day is missed no biggie). It does take time, but then money doesn’t grow on trees—just in digital boxes from Amazon.

Overall 19/20

Other than the slightly more limited selection of apps(mainly because all of their apps have to work on the decidedly lower specs of their Fire tablets compared to the higher or even mid-level cellphones) and the rewards being relatively small, it’s definitely worth the minimum time investment if you find an app or two that you use anyway or are interested in that you can buy for free, or use the coins for in-app purchases you otherwise may not make. Support your favorite games using Amazon’s funds!

You can find the app here

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Author: Varon Laub

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