Airplay SDK : develop for iphone , Android, Windows Mobile and symbian with the same code

Airplay SDK is a unique application development tool and environment that will allow developers to create one application via the SDK and publish to the major smartphone operating systems, including Android, Java, Linux, iPhone, Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Flash. According to Airplay, the SDK toolsets will save developers time in learning a new programming language specific to a mobile platform. Development is done in standard C++ programming language, saving developers about 40% of the development cost and 90% of the porting and testing costs and time. Developers need to compile for ARM code and the Airplay deployment tool will output a .SYS file for symbian, a .APP file for the iPhone, a .CAB file for Windows Mobile, and so on. via Pocketnow

More details : Idea Works Lab


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