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A new video reveals more EA – Nokia exclusive games

I have been waiting on more info regarding the 20 game EA and Nokia exclusive deal, I am happy to tell you that there are now 27 announced Nokia Lumia exclusive games coming our way in the coming months. The exclusivity is no doubt to be free to all Lumia owners with paid versions after an exclusivity period (a few weeks at a guess). The YouTube video that user WindowsPhone uploaded, has now been made private and therefore removed from public view.

The list of Xbox Live exclusives is now…

* Bejeweled 2
* Bop It!
* Connect 4
* Dead Space
* FIFA 12
* Game of Life
* Madden 12
* Mirror’s Edge
* Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition
* NBA Jam
* Parking Mania
* Picnic Wars
* Real Racing 2
* Risk
* Spy Mouse
* The Game of Life
* The Sims Medieval
* Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour
* Trivial Pursuit
* Vampire Rush – The Adventures of Captain. Greg
* Yahtzee

Note: Only 21 listed. This list does not include EA’s Indie games which are also Nokia exclusives. I am particularly looking forward to Real Racing 2 and Dead Space. They are something to look forward to if you are a Lumia owner, or another reason to upgrade TO a Lumia perhaps! Good call Nokia, that should tempt more top shelf game developers into the Windows fold.

Source : MWP

Update : video below

I told you of the Nokia – EA exclusive game lineup yesterday, I have found a video to support my claim…

Did you hear the news from CES? Nokia has partnered with EA to bring over 25 of the world’s most popular games to Windows Phone devices, including several titles from independent mobile developers published by Chillingo.

As you can see theres ‘the game of life’ and ‘Real Racing 2′ and Dead Space’ which look AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to get these games and im sure your looking forward to them too.

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