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1800PocketPC App Store goes Online

WM Appstore

WM Appstore

1800PocketPC.com and Mobihand is Proud to bring the new Windows Mobile Appstore to Windows Mobile users. The new App Store for Windows Mobile by MobiHand makes it easy to browse, search, purchase and download Window Mobile applications directly from your phone. All the applications featured in the App Store are easily downloaded over the air (OTA).

Windows Mobile Appstore

Windows Mobile Appstore

Features :

  • Deal-of-the-Day:  Exclusive offer of a new top-selling app every day for 50% off
  • Specials:  Loads of discounted apps and bundles can be found daily
  • Nearly 5,000 Apps which can be browsed by category, top free, top paid, and new
  • Great everyday prices: apps are priced as low as $0.99
  • Fast pay with credit card — eliminates the need for a Paypal account (we will be adding Paypal mobile soon)
  • Dedicated customer service – to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Version-tracking — email notification when new versions become available

Download CAB Download Tag

If you have Microsoft Tag Reader installed on your phone, just click on the Cab to Phone Image and Scan the tag using Microsoft Tag Reader, and the cab is sent to your Device

Dont forget to use the promo code “appstore” to get a 20% off any apps in the appstore till October 10th.

Author: bethatkinson33

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  1. Jumping on the bandwagon, eh? Hahaha, nice one.

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  2. If everything you do, you do it with the same little testing as this important app, ugly future for you. If I enter in the specified address I only get a web page for a desktop navigator. The same one I can see if I enter through my desktop browser. And you lack the preferred method for WinMo users: The simpliest, the easiest, the fastest CAB file. When have you born? Yesterday? Shame!

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    • But even worse, if I select the second method, specifying my email, what i get is the same wrong URL for the desktop browser. I think that you have covered yourself of glory here.

      An app made for easy installing other apps is the more dificult app I have ever found to install. Nice irony.

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  3. Well. I've figured out the problem. The people at 1800pocketpc.com thinks that we, advanced users, use the fucking ugly and old Internet Exploter in order to browse the web. If you access through Opera, Opera Mini, or any other browser, you'll get a desktop page. But if you enter through that nice blue E that you never use in your program list, a nice CAB will pop-up for you to download. Nice guys, uh! Making friends.

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  4. clear as fucking mud! JUST PUT THE CAB ON YOUR SITE!!!!!

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